Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday Blues... and all sorts of Hues!

Three years to go before I hit the road of 30's (aka. the peak of adulthood...hahahahah!). Of course, I have my own bias about being in that age range. I kind of dread the idea of it and I have no particular reason for it. It is one of those irrational fears I have.

Moving on to a lighter mood, birthday is still something I love to celebrate. It is the time to give thanks to God for all the wonderful blessings He had showered me over the years. In terms of materialistic standards, I am not in the best position. But somehow, when I look around and when I think of every single blessing (too many to count actually) I have, I still feel so lucky. God has been so wonderful too me that I can never thank him enough for His love.

Birthdays are times to reflect of what we have become. I believe that it helps to think back of our choices in the past. A year's worth of memory may not be possible but the ones that we remember (surely, those are also the ones that have the greatest impact in our lives) give us a good picture of how we have been molded as individuals. The events we have encountered, the people we have dealt with, and our choices or response to them contribute to our personality and lifestyle.

I have changed a lot myself. I have learned a lot of things that have made me so different from what I used to be. For the past year, I have particularly learned the value of my family. It is not only that I miss them a lot but also because they make me feel at home no matter how far they are from me when I talk with them. They give me a sense of belongingness. Also, I have learned to use money better. With all the odd jobs I have done, I realize that money is so important, yet, should not be the center of one's life. Money does not buy you happiness but needs to be managed well in order to survive a worldly life. Finally, I learned more about my personality and I now recognize the things that I should improve on.

Aside from being a time of reflection, birthdays are also for making wishes. I will not write what I would wish for because they say that wishes are meant to be kept to oneself (hehehhehe). I will whisper it to God. I claim that He will give it to me... in time.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

It is Spring, at last!

Spring symbolizes new life, new beginnings, new hope. After a very long (the last one was one of the longest in Toronto, I still see some traces of snow) winter, it feels great to feel the warmth of the sun and gentle spring breeze. To top it all, I don't have to wear a winter jacket! Haah, what a relief!

My mood is complemented by the "reconnection" I've made with some of my long lost friends and acquaintances. It feels wonderful despite the fact that the relationships have become so different from what they used to be. Of course, a lot of things can happen... changes can turn everything upside down. As for my case, I am satisfied that I found them again. It is always worth keeping good old friends. I just hope this revival of relationship will last.

Moving on to a different thought... I can't wait 'til summertime! This year, summer will be so special for me and Louie because we are going to visit our friends and family in the Philippines. It is funny because Misty and I have been doing the countdown for this trip. Setting all the excitement for summer aside, Spring is definitely a time to enjoy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm back!

It has been a while since I last post something for myself (and about myself...hahaha). I have been so busy about with lot of things-- a lot of changes-- especially in the family.

For the past 3 or 4 weeks, I have been doing a lot of shopping and online searching. Louie and I are going home for the summer--for about a month. I miss the Philippines, especially my family. I am also looking forward to meeting my "other" family (in law). Finally, I will be traveling in Visayas region... I am really excited! I will be meeting new people, and seeing new places.

Speaking of places, I am planning to take my mom and sister on a trip to Malaysia and Singapore. A lot of people are asking me, "Why these places?" Well, I had always been fascinated by their culture when I was in university. In fact, part of my pre-practicum project was related to history, politics, and government of Singapore and its relationship to Malaysia. Gwen, one of my great friends, is also currently based in Singapore. I can't wait to see her! I originally planned to spending a week in Hongkong and Macau (and possibly some parts of China) but the time would be so limited. Besides, I feel that Hongkong is more affordable for my mom that she can go there on her own. Furthermore, we will have a stopover in Hongkong on our flight itinerary to Manila (morning to late night) that will give us time to explore some of the famous city's highlights.

I will definitely post some things regarding my trip with my hubby, mom, and sister. My other family (Louie's) is planning on a reunion since my sister in law (Ate Jane) from the UK is also coming home. She is eyeing on Boracay for the venue. Me? Heading for Boracay? Oh me, oh my... lalo na akong magmumukhang baluga neto! hahahahaha.... Well, don't get me wrong... I am definitely looking forward to this trip and I am hoping for its realization. If this goes through, Louie and I are going to be celebrating our anniversary in Boracay (hoping for a romantic escape!) I just dread the idea of too much heat, sun, and humidity---don't blame me, I had had enough of it in Quebec and Ontario last summer!

Enough of complaints--- because I will finally see some of my good friends. A lot of them are based in other countries now or have their own families, or have moved to far away places. At least there are few that I really want to see like Abba, Russ, Erna, Myra, Sarah, Arlene, Marvin, Toybits, Red Cross people, at ewan ko kung sino pa ang kakasya sa oras.

With my fingers crossed and a lot of prayers, I hope everything will turn out great!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yeheey, me!!!!

Hahaahha... sounds like an expression of "London Tipton, " a girl character (who is pretty, rich.. but dumb) in "Suite Life of Zack and Cody."

I feel good... I am rejoicing like a kid today because I haven't had coffee from Tim Hortons or Starbucks for the past 3 days! It may not sound much to you, but it is already an accomplishment for me. I love coffee... but it is getting addicting for me. What I do now is to use instant coffee and coffeemate in milk in the morning or when I get home using a small cup to make my reduction less abrupt. I realized the taste is not so bad at all! In fact, the flavor is very close to cafe mocha versions of my favorite coffee shops.

I also am substituting tea for coffee when I feel like I'd kill for a cup of coffee. At least I would not have to use creamer and sugar (since I want my tea plain)-- that will help me lose weight. I am also trying to eat more fruits and vegetables and less chips.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Place, New Life

We've finally moved in! Welcome to our new little haven... a small room that has a great view of the city. Although I feel more independent now, I also miss my aunt and her family. I guess I just have to face the fact that we already have our own (and sadly, separate) lives now. For me it means more freedom but more responsibilities as well. I don't like the fact that I have company in the house but all I can do for now is to make the most out of it.
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